September: Roberta & Dave's Gananoque Wedding at the Arthur child Heritage Museum

They got married after ten years together. It was a beautiful September day, the first day of fall. The world was still green and beautiful. Love and laughter was in the air.

Roberta got ready at their home in Gananoque. Her friend, who is a makeup artist, did her makeup, and her sister did her hair.

Flowers were everywhere: all over the counters, on the table. They gave rich colour & brightness to the indoors. Three cakes stood atop the counter, too. Roberta cracked open champagne, shared it with her friends, sisters, and mother. Then everyone helped her get into the dress, pulling on the corset straps as tight as they would go. Roberta positively glowed.

Outside, it was late afternoon. The ceremony was a brief walk down the street, at the back grounds of the Arthur Child Heritage Museum, a beautiful and freshly renovated place.

Gulls flew overhead as guests sat on chairs facing the calm waters of the St. Lawrence river. Picture-perfect day for an afternoon wedding.

Things were going well until Dave dropped Roberta's ring.... Luckily it didn't bounce off the concrete dock into the water, and he stealthily retrieved it, and slid it on her finger, and then they were officially married.

They signed the books and shared a passionate kiss, after which the festivities began. Speeches, a boardwalk stroll under darkening pink skies, dancing, cake-cutting, silliness, more laughter, love, and joy.

A wonderful cocktail wedding, in a wonderful venue, with some fantastic folks. I hope the photographs help recreate the atmosphere of the day.

As a personal aside, it gives me great joy to photograph older couples tying the knot. We see so many young couples, new love, etc, on social media. It is a little rarer to see older couples' wedding photographs. Many middle-aged or older couples might not share their photographs online. I am happy to be able to share these photographs, as there ought to be a celebration of love in young age, middle age, any age!

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All photographs ©Viara Mileva Photography

Viara Mileva