Best Wedding Photographs of 2017


We didn't pick the name 'Quirky Love Photography' out of nowhere, you know.

We picked it because we love all things different, in an age where homogeneity reigns.

'Quirky' is in the eye of the beholder. 'Quirky' can take on many meanings.

For us, quirky things stand apart from others in a good way. Our clients can be quirky, because they're searching for something real in a photographer. Our photographs can be quirky, because they are presenting real and humorous or joyous, or authentic situations. We aren't afraid of the raw, the real. Not only that, but we have an unwritten (ok, it is written now) mission to present as much of the captivating reality as is necessary to make you believe us when we say: real is best.

Our personalities can be quirky, too. We have strong opinions on photography. We stick to our guns. We are often posting photographs that we love, all the rest be darned.

There is a few things quirky isn't. Quirky isn't gimmick. Quirky isn't trend. Quirky is on point, relevant photography, with a strong purpose in mind. Quirky doesn't worry about the latest 'must-do' shot lists seen on wedding blogs or on the interwebs at large.

Quirky isn't going to change one of the most important days in your life: it will make you re-live it.

And now, we present our top choices for Quirkiest wedding photographs of 2017:

Viara Mileva