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epic & candid wedding photography.

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I had a breakdown about the possibility of rain a few days before our wedding: and yes, it rained, and the photos were still perfect
— Adria Shaw

hi there ❤️ I’m Viara, and I’m a scientist-turned wedding photographer


“I can't rave enough about her talent and her as a human!” - Scarlett R.

group of girls sit on a couch as they get ready for their friend's wedding

“Viara was so kind and sweet and worked her butt off running back and forth between the grooms men's place and ours before the wedding, and sweating it out on the dance floor with us capturing just PURE JOY.”

Scarlett R.

bride wipes a tear from the groom's eye at their wedding ceremony

“We don’t have enough wall space for all the pictures we want to hang.”

Samantha T.

lgbtq couple kissing on their wedding day after the ceremony

“Working with her has been amazing from beginning to end and the compliments we have received on her work have been tremendous!”

Morgan C.


Stuff to know about me:

  1. I work within a photojournalistic/documentary style. Candid, real, raw; action, emotion, moment. I take photographs that tells stories and that emphasize how UNIQUE each love story truly is. Epic couples’ portraits will happen, too.

  2. Quirky Love is 🌈 LGBTQ+ and body positive.

  3. Favourite parts of a wedding to photograph: getting ready & dance parties.

  4. I ❤️ food at weddings. I will sample EVERY appetizer. Don’t get me started on donuts & cake. And coffee.

  5. Slideshows!!😍Check below for some of the most recent ones. Watch with the sound ON.



It was a day in February to truly remember. People came from near and far to be with Iain and Sara on their wedding day at the Renaissance, Kingston. Before the ceremony, we went and fed chickadees in the forest!

Morgan and Alicia are obnoxiously cute together. While photographing them, I kept saying "awww" every time they made doe-eyes at each other or kissed. I think that was actually pretty obnoxious of me, and I really tried my hardest to stop... but I failed.

Meagan & Eric tied the knot at Furnace Falls Farms, Lyndhurst, among their closest family and friends. Despite a little bit of rain, we even had a very brief rainbow moment!

Jessie and Jonathan are awesome and beautiful and quirky people. They had this epic wedding. It had lots of parts - including a bedeken (a jewish wedding ceremony), group shots in a furniture store, traditional ceremony, group shots outside, lots of food, lots and lots of SINGING! (which I loved!) and lots of dancing.


Your wedding photos will be epic.

No matter what you’ve got planned, it can look iconic. From quaint cottage or farm weddings to big venue type affairs.

When it comes to documentary wedding photography, the STUFF is actually not nearly as important as the people that star in the show - you & your partner, your family, your friends.

You will get plenty of beautiful and iconic portraits, but also a complete story of your day, with all those candid moments filling up the rest of your amazing gallery.

What I ask from you: to trust me, and to trust that no matter what - rain or shine - things will work out!


Much love,

Viara ✌️

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“Viara was an amazing mix of stealthy photographer and fun party guest.” - Iain B.



Tip #1

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Rain or shine, your wedding will be awesome. Ask for help when you need it. It’s just ONE day, so have as much fun as you can!

Tip #2

Schedule some down time on your day. There’ll be plenty of running around, so there should be time to unwind and enjoy each other, too.

Tips #3, #4, #5

Make sure you love your venue and the staff, as they'll make or break the wedding. Wear comfortable shoes. Eat & hydrate well! Delegate. If all else fails, turn to the photographer.


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Let’s get connected.

I’m a big believer in working with people who make you feel good about yourself. When it comes to your wedding photographer, it should be someone you like and trust: you’ll be with them all day.

It’s why I always ask potential couples that we meet and chat first, to make sure we’re a good fit. I’ll ask you all about your wedding plans, and you can ask me any questions you want. I also encourage you to speak with at least two other local photographers before making a decision. I’ve got names, just ask. 😊

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photo by Liz Cooper

photo by Liz Cooper