June: Cassandra and Iain's Crystal Palace Wedding in Prince Edward County

Cassandra and Iain are people that I knew a little bit, when they still lived in Kingston. I think we were both on the periphery of each other's circles, but we never really intersected. And then they left, moving to Vancouver and then to Ottawa, and I followed their antics in the occasional post on social media. When I got the opportunity to photograph their wedding, I was excited to get to know them better - and I was right to be happy! They are such a great pair - funny, interesting, a huge crew of great friends and family. They were really interested in creating an amazing day for themselves and for the people they love.

Their Picton wedding at the Crystal Palace was lovely, just exactly what you'd like to see take place in that beautiful building. Kids played soccer in the setting sun on the field outside, gourmet doughnuts from Ottawa were served for dessert and Black Dog Catering prepared an amazing meal (I went back for seconds).

A really wonderful day, ending in a gorgeous early June evening.

Pretty perfect.

- Liz

Viara Mileva