Series: Best Wedding Photographs of 2017!

Getting Ready!

Happy almost weekend! We've decided to do a series of blog posts of some of our favourite wedding images from 2017. We've split them up into categories that we think make sense for our quirky sensibilities. These are some of our favourite things to photograph at weddings - the dance parties, the kids, and the energetic and occasionally chaotic pre-wedding prep. That's the focus of this week's post.

We've heard people question the value of photos before the wedding, but we feel it's one of the more intimate and special parts of the day. We get a chance to get to know some of the people you've surrounded yourself with on what is arguably a pretty important day. Some of our favourite images from each wedding we shoot come from this part of the day.

We'll also be doing an overall favourites post and a "Quirky" favourites post, where we'll explain why we love the images, why we took them, and what made us choose them in the editing process, so watch this space in the coming weeks for our favourites!

Without further ado, here are our favourite "Getting ready" images of 2017!

Viara Mileva